We are agents for HF Seeds, bringing you the very latest in grass seed breeding.  Only the very best varieties are selected for these famous mixtures, so you can be assured that your swards will be the best that they can.

With a little help from our friends at DLF, the world’s largest producer and distributor of grass seed, we have developed our own range of grass seed mixtures.  There is a SCOTGRASS mixture for every agricultural requirement, with full flexibility to create a bespoke mixture specific to your individual requirements.

We realise that it’s not just grass mixtures which are important to livestock farmers and our selection of forage crops have everything root or fodder related covered, and we have arable silage mixtures to compliment your grazing diet.

Green manure and soil improvement crops have never been as important as they are now, with the reduction in organic matter and resultant decline in soil structure.  More farmers than ever are increasing the use of these crops as they are seeing a direct correlation with arable output. We have an extensive range of mixtures and single crops options available.

We also have a wide range of environmental mixes to offer – EFA & AECS mixtures, nectar mixtures, buffer strip mixtures, wild bird seed mixtures, herb rich mixtures and organic options.

Need seed?

Our team of Farm Traders are able to offer advise on the range of products that Scotgrain can offer.

You can use the contact form to contact Scotgrain, or find details for your local farm trader below.