Agronomy support for scotland’s growers

Scotgrain staff are well placed to deliver an Integrated Crop Management approach to growing crops via a full Agronomy service. We have access to an extensive range of Plant Protection Products and foliar plant nutritional products. Our team of BASIS qualified Agronomists discuss with you everything required for a comprehensive Agronomy program from seed, fertilisers and protection products. We run a unique trials programme that helps to keep our Agronomists and growers at the forefront of advances in technology and innovation.

As well as being the provider of seed and services to the farm, as the purchasers of your harvested crop we are uniquely invested in the end quality, ensuring that the Agronomic advice we offer is always made in the best interests of the crop.




Scotgrain Agronomy staff are all members of the BASIS Professional Register and comply with the legal and voluntary requirements within this organisation.

With the increasing need for traceability and provenance good record keeping is a key part of any farm business. The use of our Computerised Agronomy software allows Scotgrain to keep the information securely and up-to-date making it instantly available with minimum input from growers and operators. These records are compliant with all protocol requirements aiding the grower in achieving quality standard compliance at minimal effort.


Crop Management

As one of the leading procurers of combinable crops in Scotland, we work with our growers to achieve the required specification for specific markets. Using an integrated approach to agronomy we are able to offer variety specific programs. These are developed using data from our in-house evaluation trials in conjunction with other trials data. This variety specific growing program is especially important with our niche varieties.

In conjunction with our Crop Protection product partner we can offer the full range of “Research and Development” based Manufacturer’s products. This gives us access to the most up to date products with the best agronomic and Environmental performance.

These products in combination with off patent manufacturers gives us access to the widest range of products to benefit growers.

This full range of products offers Scotgrain the ability to develop programs to supply the best results at a competitive cost.


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View our range of core services

Seed Supply

Including a seed dressing and cleaning service for farm saved seed.


Access to products across the market with custom solutions to suit each grower and each field.



Scotgrain offer a full Agronomy service, customised to support the needs of each grower and each crop.

Grain Trading

With options of long term pre sown agreements to reduce harvest uncertainty.

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