oilseed rape

Oilseed Rape is a good choice for growers looking for a non cereal break crop and to help in spreading the harvest window.

The latest hybrid varieties can offer a combination of yield and oil content giving growers a very competitive gross margin on their harvest. The well reported difficulties facing southern growers with pest control are thankfully not an issue in Scotland due to a cooler climate.

Scotgrain’s connections through the supply chain enable us to offer a variety of marketing options to Scottish grower designed to suit their individual needs.


AURELIA is a very high yielding hybrid OSR with Turnip Yellows Virus (TuYV) resistance, Stem Canker resistance, Light Leaf Spot resistance and Pod Shatter resistance.  It has an 8 for lodging and a 7 for stem stiffness, and with medium earliness and maturity it is a first-class choice.

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ALIZZE has a high gross output, a 7 for Light Leaf Spot and strong straw, making it particularly suitable for heavy soil.

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CROME is the Clubroot resistant hybrid with the gross output for the North.  It has very high oil content offering growers the chance to gain additional income from their oil bonus.  Crome also has the lowest Glucosinolate levels of the clubroot resistant varieties.


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ELEVATION is a conventional variety with extremely high oil content.  Flowering is not too early which helps avoid frost damage, yet maturity is not compromised.

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NIKITA has a similarly high oil content, good LLS resistance and very low Glucosinolate.

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