About Scotgrain Agriculture

Scotgrain work in partnership with Scotland’s growers and grain customers to supply quality grains to market.

As one of the largest grain buyers in Scotland, Scotgrain are able to provide a route to market for all combinable crops including Malting Barley, Oats, Wheat, Rye and Oilseed Rape. We offer a range of marketing options to Scotland’s growers, including long term contracts and buyback agreements, helping to reduce the risk of growth and harvest conditions to Scotland’s arable farmers.

Scotgrain also provide a full range of services to support the needs of the grower, including full Agronomy service and consultation to supply seed and fertiliser needs specific to each crop. With access to the whole market we are able to offer clear and impartial advice on the best solution to the needs of each crop. As we are often also the grain trader for growers, we always have a vested interest in ensuring the quality of the final crop.

In partnership with our parent company Bairds Malt, we run one of the UK’s largest and longest running barley variety evaluation programmes. Our specialist expertise allows us to assess new varieties from sowing to harvest, while Bairds Malt is able to offer a micro malting environment to test their malting performance.

Our partnership with Bairds provides a direct market for the best Scottish Malting Barley supporting the success of Scotland’s distilling and brewing markets. We also have long term relationships into the supply chain of many of the UK’s leading grain customers, including Whyte and Mackay, William Grants and Carrs Milling. We moved approx 400,000t of grain in 2019, 55% of which was Malted Barley.

With long term supply arrangements in place with some of Scotland’s leading grain processors we now have opportunities for new growers to join us growing in Scotland.

View our range of core services

Seed Supply

Including a seed dressing and cleaning service for farm saved seed.


Access to products across the market with custom solutions to suit each grower and each field.



Scotgrain offer a full Agronomy service, customised to support the needs of each grower and each crop.

Grain Trading

With options of long term pre sown agreements to reduce harvest uncertainty.