Approx 50,000 Ha’s of winter barley is grown each year, feed is the biggest sector although new varieties suitable for malting are coming through the trial programme with Non GN varieties suitable for distilling now being commercially available. 

Spring barley has the largest arable area in Scotland accounting for around 50% of the arable land available with the vast majority destined for malt distilling.



KWS SASSY is a fantastic choice for the Scottish grower.  It is early to mature and robust enough to deliver outstanding performance, even in years of extreme weather.  We like it because it has proven to return a fantastic yield of bold grain and has very good resistance to skinning.  We have been contracting this since 2017 and is has proven to be our most reliable Low Nitrogen barley.  The official 6 rating for brackling is not representative of commercial performance; in our experience it is a solid 7.  KWS Sassy is fully MBC approved for malting and distilling. 

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LAUREATE is a very high yielding spring malting barley with an excellent disease and agronomic profile.  Slightly below average specific weight, but short with stiff straw. It has been a mainstream Low Nitrogen variety of ours since 2016. It is a non-GN variety with Full MBC Approval for Brewing and Distilling.


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LG DIABLO has been the highest yielding spring barley in our own trials for the past four years and is the highest yielding spring barley on the official Recommended List fully approved for malt distilling.  Excellent agronomic scores and very impressive malting and distilling performance.  Maturity is similar to, or slightly earlier than, Laureate.


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BRIONI is a specialist high enzyme variety for grain distilling.  It is the most efficient nitrogen scavenging variety available, regularly returning N levels in excess of 1.85%, making it an extremely reliable variety for the high nitrogen distilling market.  Brioni is marketed exclusively through Scotgrain.


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KWS Creswell
KWS CRESWELL is a high yielding 2 row winter barley with a good disease resistance profile.  It is early to mature and has a track record of great performance in Scotland.

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KWS HAWKING is a new 2 row winter barley with stiff straw, high yield and good all-round disease resistance.

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LG Mountain
LG MOUNTAIN is a very high yielding 2 row winter barley, particularly well-suited to heavier soils and the Scottish climate.  It has a high specific weight coupled with plenty of straw and a robust disease resistance profile.

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LG FLYNN is an exciting new 2 row winter barley, particularly well suited to heavier soils.  High straw yield and a robust disease resistance profile. Click on the icon below for the LG Flynn Factsheet.


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SY Kingsbarn
 SY KINGSBARN is a 6 row hybrid barley offering very high yields, particularly on heavier land.  It is an early variety with very good resistance to Rhynchosporium.

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