Working closely in partnership with Yara, Origin, CF and Omex, Scotgrain offer competitive supply from an extensive range of:

– Compounds
– Blended products
– Nitrogen /  Nitrogen+ S / CAN
– Urea
– Straights
– Liquids

Tailored to supply grower’s needs and meet crop demands with a comprehensive soil sampling and analysis service to make informed choices whilst ensuring crop safety and following current protocols achieving good farming practice.

Through our relationships with suppliers, Scotgrain are able to offer a full advisory service across all fertiliser supply and arrange delivery of recommended products direct to the grower. Where soil analysis demands we are also able to provide supply of bespoke blends specific to the needs of each grower.

On farm soil sampling should be undertaken regularly for current soil status of major & minor elements. Our farm traders are able to offer a free soil analysis service to help a grower identify the nutritional needs for each field and crop.

Operating throughout the arable areas of Scotland, Scotgrain’s FACTS qualified advisers are fully trained experienced individuals offering an extensive fertiliser portfolio and professional advice on all aspects of fertiliser and crop nutrition.


Fertiliser supply

Scotgrain offer supply of the UK’s leading fertilisers including:

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We’d be happy to help with any questions you have regarding the best options for your fertiliser needs or supply. Get in touch using the form below – or find your local farm trader here.

View our range of core services

Seed Supply

Including a seed dressing and cleaning service for farm saved seed.


Access to products across the market with custom solutions to suit each grower and each field.



Scotgrain offer a full Agronomy service, customised to support the needs of each grower and each crop.

Grain Trading

With options of long term pre sown agreements to reduce harvest uncertainty.

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